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Troy Schoenfisch

How We Help Entrepreneurs & Organisations Structure Their Vision To Secure Funding

We work with innovative businesses like yours to develop & implement high-growth strategies and secure funding to achieve your growth objectives.

We sit beside you, on your side of the table, working with you to determine where you are & where you want to be, then assist you to develop a bespoke action plan to achieve your goals.

As a boutique advisory services business, we believe that business is about people first. All of our clients are part of the Crescendo family with a direct, ongoing connection with the Founder.

People Cheering


Through our extensive relationships with accountants in the compliance space, we know that the detailed process of developing growth strategies and preparing detailed business plans, then finding and preparing to apply for funding & investment for clients is not always part of their core services. Many times, it is not viable to have someone ‘in house’ to focus on this work so they aren’t able to provide the support & opportunities to many clients that could potentially access significant funding or investment.


We also know, from working with our contacts in the Venture Capital and Private Equity industry, that the top reason why they aren’t able to proceed with investing in a company that approaches them, is because the business is underprepared and does not have the necessary documentation required to undertake a proper analysis of the investment opportunity.


Similar to the situation with accountants, it is also generally not viable for these businesses to have an internal resource that they can dedicate to this work, which means that there are potential investment opportunities that are passed over.

At Crescendo, we address these issues directly by providing the following targeted benefits to each of these segments, thereby allowing each specialist to focus on their core area of expertise;

Accounting Firms

  • Assist to identify opportunities for current clients

  • Maintain focus on compliance requirements & workloads

  • No need for a dedicated internal resource with experience in accounting compliance, growth strategy development & accessing funding or investment

  • Engage in a collaborative way to support clients


Venture Capital & Private Equity Firms

  • Assistance for when founders and businesses approach the firm that are under-prepared for investment

  • No dedicated internal resource to assist businesses with preparation of documents

  • Able to maintain focus on review & approval of deals


  • Dedicated resource with accounting, management & Director experience

  • Refine & develop growth plans & preparation of high level professional documentation to use for funding & investment applications

  • Sourcing & assisting with applications for funding and investment opportunities

Industry Experience & Specialisation

While our professional team has over a decade of experience working with businesses and organisations from a wide cross-section of industries, our greatest outcomes and biggest impacts have been in the following areas;

  • Professional services

  • Mining products

  • Alternative Energy Generation

  • Technology Development

  • Agriculture

  • Manufacturing

For an easy to understand walk-through on The Crescendo Strategy, including what we do for you, how we do it, and who we work with, click the thumbnails below to download 'The Crescendo Strategy' and our example reports now: 

The Crescendo Strategy Overview - Free Download
Crescendo Business Plan Content and Layout example
Crescendo Custom Business Plan example
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