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Why everyone needs a "Business Support Team"

Today I am coming to you from the coast of Cartegena, in Colombia.

"There's no time like the present", as they say, and ANY time of the year is the right time of the year to look at opportunities for growth & planning. If you are thinking about it, it is time to talk to someone about it.

"It takes a village" is another common phrase & it is just as true with helping a business to grow as it is with children.

"No person is an island" and nobody can do everything themselves. As a business grows, it is in need of different types of support at different stages, which is why I have developed a Nine Stage Business Growth Support Pathway to connect with and guide businesses from pre-revenue StartUps to multi-million dollar turnover businesses, trading in Australia & internationally.

What all of these business have in common, at every stage, is their 'Support Team':

- Accountants - not just for quarterly & annual ATO compliance, but for structuring & growth

- Lawyers - ensuring contracts are in place to protect all ongoing business relationships

- Marketing - researching your 'target' market and developing a "Go To Market" strategy

Over the past 12 months, I have been working with multiple businesses that are growing from $100k's to $M+ turnover for the first time, by pulling together the RIGHT advice & support from the right team of external experts.

You may need one of these people, or you may benefit from connecting with a team of 'go to' experts that understand you and your business.

There have already seen an ncreasing amount of funding opportunities as the economy recovers & to assist businesses, both Federally & at a State level, and most of these now require confirmation that you are engaged with and receiving input from these external advisers to be eligible for increased amounts of funding and support.

That's why I have developed the "Crescendo Strategy", designed to assist in the preparation of business plans, investment plans, budgets, timelines & all the other documentation required to ensure your business is prepared to apply for funding and investment. Follow this link for more information on how the "Crescendo Strategy" process can assist you and your contacts in this process.

To help you get even MORE out of the process of applying for funding, I have also released a series of emails, sharing all of my secrets and 'success tips' to assist in finding and applying for Grants & Investment.

To discuss how to find the right team of people for YOUR business, reach out and let's arrange a time for a chat about your plans & how we can work together to make them happen -


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