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Welcome from the Digital Nomad Summit

Hi there, welcome to the coast of Croatia.

I'm here in Trogir at a Digital Nomad Festival.

There are almost 30 Digital Nomads remote workers. People who run their business

or do their jobs from anywhere in the world.

Here for a month to collaborate, to talk, to work and also to enjoy the fact that we can run our business from anywhere in the world.

And get to celebrate that from here of the Adriatic coast of Croatia.

It's been a fantastic couple of weeks already.

We're halfway through, and I've been able to talk with so many of the people here about how to build their businesses transition from career to business.

And all of that fundamentally comes down to two things.

Refining the vision that you have for yourself.

And developing and implementing a set of steps to help make that happen.

Simple, yes. The process is a lot more involved. Shall we say?

But that's the next step of what I do. How I help these people and how I've been working with businesses all across the world Africa, Asia here in Europe and still of course back home in Australia.

Having a plan. Having steps to help achieve those goals.

Breaking it down into bite-sized pieces vital. Having somebody beside you every step of the way.

Also essential a mentor coach, consultant or friend.

Whatever term you want to use.

Having somebody that's always in your corner to help you to refine your vision

and achieve your goals.


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