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Queensland releases $Millions in updated Small Business funding program for 2021

Hi. Today, I'm coming to you from the rooftops of Mexico City.

The Queensland Government has just released their updated funding programs and release schedule for the 2021-2022 Budget year. They have refined their previous funding programs and designed a new streamlined set of opportunities, set to be rolled out from the start of May 2021.

The video is a bit longer today because there is a LOT to cover & some VERY exciting news.

There are three new programs;

  • Business Basics Grant - up to $5000 (applications open 31 May)

  • Business Boost Grant - up to $15,000 (applications open July 2021)

  • Business Growth Fund - up to $50,000 (open NOW)

This funding is specifically designed to help at whatever stage of business or product development you are at, by funding the support and advice that you need to implement your next project, or grow your business to the next level.

Each of these funding opportunities are COMPETITIVE, meaning applicants will need to show, in detail, how directly the outcomes of their goals are aligned with the required outcomes of the funding, in order to be approved. This predominantly refers to the ability to achieve growth and expansion outcomes, implement innovative ideas and increase employment opportunities for Queenslanders. These are all MATCHED funding opportunities, meaning that your business will have to contribute the other half of the funding through revenue, lending or investment. This funding is designed to assist businesses to;

  • identify opportunities for process and system improvement

  • develop project plans, business plans, timelines, budgets and documentation to access funding

  • access external expertise for product development, "go to market" strategies, technical expertise, financial and project management expertise

For further information on how to use each stage of funding to grow your business, please download a copy of my Funding Growth Map;

Funding Growth Map
Download • 1.04MB

So, what do you need to do to access this funding??

Step one - arrange a time to discuss these opportunities with me now at Step two;

Launch of "The Crescendo Strategy"

To assist businesses to access these new opportunities, I am bringing forward the launch of my flagship program "The Crescendo Strategy" to assist you to prepare for and access the appropriate level of funding through these programs and the programs expected to be announced in the Federal Budget within the next two weeks. Over the Past 4 years, I have worked with many businesses to refine their goals and support them to develop project plans, business plans, documentation and advice to, ultimately, access a combination of funding, lending and investment to achieve their growth goals. Using this experience, I have designed a comprehensive advisory & support package, delivered as a step by step, tailored, collaborative process. This process involves meeting a business "where they are", then;

  • confirming the goals and plans of the business,

  • structuring a timeline and action plan to achieve those goals,

  • identifying external expertise required to maximise the chances of success and reduce the timeline to completion,

  • preparing all required business plan, budget & timeline documentation, and THEN

  • assisting to identify and access a combination of funding, lending & investment opportunities

Attached here is a copy of my comprehensive "Services Document" which outlines the full suite of support services available. This document outlines the full "Crescendo Strategy" process, and describes the deliverables for the following three main groups;

  • Founders - supporting you to refine your opportunities & access funding & investment

  • Venture Capital - reviewing your current & potential opportunity list to identify opportunities, providing external support to get them "investment ready" and, ultimately, minimise your risk & exposure

  • Accountants - identifying funding and growth opportunities for your clients and providing an external support service so your clients benefit without you having to commit internal resources

The Crescendo Strategy Services Document
Download • 89.69MB

The "Crescendo Strategy" has been used successfully across Australia and internationally to access funding and investment for innovative and expanding businesses, as well as numerous Non Profit Projects in line with my passion for "giving back", including my proudest outcome of supporting an elephant rescue organisation in Nepal to save & rehabilitate these majestic animals from horrific and neglectful conditions (read more at StandUp 4 Elephants - Below are examples of the high quality, comprehensive Business Report & Presentation documents which are created as a result of working with businesses through the "Crescendo Strategy" process.

I realise that there is a LOT of information here, so please reach out to discuss how the "Crescendo Strategy" will work for you to develop your business and project plans & access funding and investment to achieve them -

Business Plan Report - Example
Download PDF • 2.25MB
Business Plan Presentation - Example
Download PDF • 1.43MB


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