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Preparing for the Federal Budget

Today, I am coming to you from Oaxaca, in the mountains of Mexico.

The Australian Federal Budget is less than a month away.

When the Federal Government released the last Budget in October, they indicated that there would be a shift away from employee based support programs to business boost programs once the unemployment rate was again under 6%. According to the ABS, the unemployment rate for March 2021 was under 5.8%, so it's all systems GO!!

As always, some programs from the Budget are released immediately, others take some time to roll out - for instance, it was in April that the Federal Government finished releasing the First Round of the $220+ Million dollar Manufacturing Modernisation funding that was announced in October.

All of the small and large scale funding support being released will have a "matched" component & most of them will require the applicants to have ALREADY prepared business plans, marketing plans, budgets, project timelines and to have a CLEAR understanding of the outcomes that the funding will deliver for the business with respect to increased turnover, increased employment opportunities and expansion capabilities, both nationally & internationally.

To be adequately prepared in order to access these funding opportunities, it is imperative that you have your growth and product development plans documented BEFORE the funding opportunities are released, so that you have a clear awareness of the time frames involved, as well as how you will cover your contribution to the funding of the project through revenue, lending and investment.

Get in touch to discuss your plans & how we can work together to prepare you and your business for all current & future funding and investment opportunities that may be available;


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