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Funding & Investment prospects in 2021

Hi today I'm coming to you from Playa Del Carmen, on the coast of Mexico.

We've all heard about the Doom and Gloom of the Australian economy over the 2020 calendar year, but I did some research and found that there were over 250,000 new companies actually set up during the 2020 calendar year.

So that's a lot of people going out and setting up their own businesses.

Now some of those people may not have been in business for themselves before, so they'll be looking for funding, and looking for lending, and looking for support to grow

and build their businesses.

Over the last four years, since leaving the accounting profession, this is exactly the area that I've been working on with people, to help them to develop their business plans, go to market strategies, budgets, financials and all of the other documentation that's required to access that sort of funding, and we've been very successful with doing so, through government grants. Hundreds of thousands of dollars for over a hundred businesses in the last for years.

Moving forward, while still be concentrating on that, I'll also be working a lot more closely with Venture Capital and Private Equity firms to help them, and the businesses that are approaching them, to have a more productive conversation about potential investment. As they’ve said that one of the main contributing factors to not being able to close deals

and invest in businesses is because they're under prepared.

Over the last four years in the Venture Capital space in Australia, the number of deals has actually fallen by 43 percent. The amount of money invested through the Venture Capital space up till the end of 2019 had decreased 20% per year over the same period.

So why is this? It's because the businesses aren't as prepared - not because the money isn't there. Venture capitalists are actually looking to increase the amount of money

they're investing in very well documented businesses, with strong fundamentals.

So, that’s what I'm going to be working more on this year, and over the next month or so,

I'm going to be sharing some videos with you all on how you, and your business, can help put these things in place, to put your best foot forward, to access funding or investment, and build your business stronger for the future.

If you're looking to build or grow your business this year, reach out to me to discuss.


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