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Expanding overseas - to the USA & the World

Today I'm coming to you from in front of the Capitol Building, in Washington, DC.

I'm here in America helping businesses to access a whole range of funding and investment, to help grow their businesses within Australia and launch into overseas markets - an extension of the work I have been doing over the past four years, and specifically the last 12 to 18 months.

There's a range of funding available from a multitude of different government departments, from $5,000 up to Millions of dollars, to help achieve those plans and take a business overseas, including;

These funding opportunities can be used in conjunction with investment and lending to achieve successful expansion into other markets.

Getting that money, getting that outcome and expanding into those other markets takes a lot of planning, and it's not all that easy.

That's why I have developed the "Crescendo Strategy", designed to assist in the preparation of business plans, investment plans, budgets, timelines & all the other documentation required to ensure your business is prepared to apply for funding and investment. Follow this link for more information on how the "Crescendo Strategy" process can assist you and your contacts in this process.

In addition to this, and to make sure that businesses have all the support they require for expansion in to America, I have been focused on developing a network of professional accountants, lawyers, marketers and investors, assisting businesses and investors in Australia with compliance with tax and other regulatory requirements. As part of my ongoing commitment to assisting business to expand into the US, I am also an authorised Advisor on, providing support and guidance for businesses expanding into the US and in the US market.

Reach out now for a chat to investigate opportunities for expansion into overseas markets and with support in preparing to fund the process -


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