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CASE STUDY: Valuing a product

I'm here in Dubrovnik on the coast of Croatia, and I had a call this morning with a guy who's developed some technology that can be used within the mining community in Australia and around the world.

When he first got in touch with me. He thought he had a value for what he developed.

But that value was based on how much time; it has taken him to develop it rather than the value that brought to his clients after doing several Assessments and calculating the value for his clients properly.

We worked out that it actually save his potential clients around one and a half-billion dollars a year.

Now that's very different to the five million dollar value that he put on what had developed.

So as you can see by working through the numbers properly and having a process to assess the true value of what you bring to the market can significantly change the financial position of your business and what you can achieve and the difference that you can make.


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