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Women's Leadership & Development Program funding opportunity

As per the announcement in the Federal Budget in October, The Office of the Prime Minister has just released possibly the widest-ranging support program designed specifically for women that I have ever seen.

Organisations can apply for $200k - $800k in funding for programs covering a span of 12 months to 4 years in the following areas;

1. Women’s Job Creation

Jobs and employment pathways are created for women, and women are equipped for jobs of the future, particularly in non-traditional and/or male-dominated industries.

2. Women’s Economic Security

Women’s economic security improves across their lifetime.

3. Women’s Workforce Participation

Women’s workforce participation increases and barriers are reduced, especially in sectors where women are under-represented.

4. Women’s Leadership

Women’s representation on boards and in other leadership positions increases, especially in sectors where women are under-represented.

5. Women’s Safety

Women are safer in their homes and communities.

This funding is open to both corporate organisations & Not for Profits to run programs or implement processes that achieve any of the target outcomes. To be successful, you will need to have a detailed project plan with a fully costed budget, respond to each of the relevant selection criteria, and have the appropriate reporting processes in place for both the financial & key priority outcomes of the project.

If you have a program or a business that is looking to achieve any of these outcomes, whether you have a fully developed project plan or need to start from scratch reach out to me.

Womens Leadership and Development Progra
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Questions and Answers
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